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Passchendaele (MTI)Sergeant Michael Dunne Of The 10th Canadian Infantry Battalion Has Survived Some Of The Worst Fighting Of The Great War Wounded On The Western Front, He Returns Home To Calgary, A Broken Man Suffering From Neurasthenia And Facing Trial As A Deserter Should He Ever Attempt A Return To The Battlefield In Calgary, He Finds A Complicated Love With Sarah Mann, A Nurse Dismissed From Her Position Because Of Her German Ancestry Sarah Is Struggling To Care For Her Chronically Ill Younger Brother, David, And Is Devastated When He Finds Someone To Lie On His Medical Certificate So That He Can Enlist In The War Though Michael Is Haunted By His Memories Of The Battlefield, Out Of Duty And Love He Follows David To The Front Neither Of The Two Men Knows What Lies Ahead It Is November 1917, And Michael, David And The Rest Of The Fighting 10th Are About To Plunge Into The Hell Known As Passchendaele Based On The Epic Canadian Motion Picture Written By, Starring And Directed By Paul Gross, Passchendaele Immortalizes The Story Of A Battle That Has Become Synonymous With The Horrors Of The First World War Yet Passchendaele Was Also The Scene Of Allied Victory, A Triumph Carried By Canadians, And One That Helped Form Who We Are As A Nation In A Story Of War, Love, Futility And Sacrifice, Passchendaele Reminds Us Of Our Country S Greatest Strengths And Our Lasting Achievements.

[BOOKS] ✬ Passchendaele (MTI) By Paul Gross – Snapchatlogin.us
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Passchendaele (MTI)
  • Paul Gross
  • 15 April 2017
  • 9781554682898

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    I bought and read this book after going to see the movie in the theatre I enjoyed the movie thoroughly as both a romance and war movie Reading the book brought back all of the emotions I felt while watching the film and so I enjoyed the book a lot I just wish that the book could have been a little different than the film I found that the book was fairly short and was simply the movie put into print I had hoped that it would have elaborated on the film maybe by going in depth into the characters or including scenes that never became part of the film This would have made the book amazing but nevertheless it was still a really great read I think books and films like this one are so important right now especially to young Canadians Canada has no soldiers living who served in the Great War And very soon the world wont have any living memory of this war It make...

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    Cardboard characters and a plot line sutied to Louis L Amour However, as this is an adaptation of a screenplay I suppose some leeway must be granted Thus I have given this book two stars when in fact it is perhaps deserving of one star.

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    all you would like in a five star book.highly recommend

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    My brother in law, who is in the Canadian Armed Forces, said that his unit watched the Passchendaele movie from which this book was derived, and they all hated it At the time, I dismissed his criticism as a bunch of soldiers wanting to see a war movie and not understanding that the movie may have been trying to achieve something However, years later after reading this book I co cede that my brother in law and his colleagues were etc much on to something This book is a movie tie in novel for which the movie came first As such, I was not expecting a great work of literature, but I was expecting a lot than I received Although ostensibly set around the First World War Battle of Passchendaele, very little of the book takes place at the Front, much less at the eponymous battle The book follows a wounded, shell shocked soldier trying to readjust to life in Calgary as a recruiter He falls in love with his nurse and ultimately goes back to the Front to protect his love s head string younger brother The whole affair comes to a head in the closing chapters at Passchendaele I feel I don t need to post a spoiler warning, as the conclusion of the book is obvious from ...

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    I was inspired to read this novel by my 15 year old son who watched this movie as part of his Grade 10 Canadian History course This historical fiction is about a WWI soldier who was reassigned to non combative duties in his hometown of Calgary after being diagnosed with shellshock , then subsequently retur...

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    It s a book written from a movie, so it s kind of flat, but the good element is that it help the reader understand the horrors of the 1st world war or as Canadians say, the Great War, and to understand the enlistment process The team of Canadi...

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    This novel immediately engaged me Gross writing was easy to follow, but this by no means implies his writing to be amateur Such a good read it s easy to read it all in one sitting

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    I couldn t put the book down it was that good Awesome read I d recommend anyone to read

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    Passchendaele is a romanticized story around the extraordinary achievements by soldiers fighting a battle on blood soaked grounds for almost four months, one that would become synonymous with the horrors of the First World War Paul Gross highlights the determination, commitment and triumph of Canadians during this troubled time.The book has a bit of everything interesting characters, some temptation drugs and sex , a passionate love story and in the background WW1 and its graphic battle scenes.Sergeant Michael Dunne, a soldier who is brutally wounded in France returns to a Calgary military hospital where he meets and falls in love with Sarah an attractive nurse When Sarah s brother David signs up to fight in Europe, Michael feels compelled to return to Europe with the hope of keeping David safe.I was somewhat disappointed, I expected Gross would have elaborated about the Canadian involvement in the battle it doesn t kick in till two third into the book Much of the story wa...

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    Passchendaele, based off of Paul Gross screenplay is a book written about the movie and not a movie created from the book Although, not having watched the movie myself, one can only assume the book could not be any better than the movie The book racked in an average rating of three stars by Goodreads reviewers, while the movie gained a 3.5 star rating on IMDb ratings respectively This mediocre rating reflected the quality of the writing quite well Similar to the War Horse, the plot of the story was prolonged too much, producing areas of the book where some readers might find boring When Sarah Mann s brother enlists and is sent to the front lines of World War I, Sarah believes Michael Dunne is to blame for her brother s actions Fearing the death of his lover s younger brother, Michael Dunne re enlists in the Canadian Miltary in order to protect his lover s asthmatic son Creative description of the front lines allows readers to be fully emersed in the presence of th...

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