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The End Of The Straight And NarrowDavid McGlynn S Fiction Debut Takes On The Inner Lives Of The Zealous, Their Passions And Desires, And The Ways Religious Faith Is Both The Compass For Navigating Daily Life And The Force That Makes Ordinary Life Impossible From The Coastal Highways Of Southern California To The Bayous Of Houston, Texas, The Stories Take Place Against The Backdrop Of Disaster A Landslide, A Fire, A Drowning, A Hurricane As The Characters Question Whether Faith Illuminates The World Or Leaves Them Isolated Within It.

[[ EPUB ]] ✰ The End Of The Straight And Narrow Author David McGlynn – Snapchatlogin.us
  • Hardcover
  • 228 pages
  • The End Of The Straight And Narrow
  • David McGlynn
  • English
  • 01 April 2018
  • 9780870745508

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    McGlynn writes the memories other authors would try to repress The End of the Straight and Narrow is both reality based, and honesty based.A collection of short stories, McGlynn writes of the modern faithful, even if he is nondescript when it comes to their faith He deals with suffering and sin through natural disaster and disease Redemption is not full blown in the stories, but the undercurrent is running throughout.I felt personally connected to many stories and characters He writes the Christian college scene as an insider and not derisively or mockingly He writes of parents constantly dealing with a child who wasn t supposed to be born with problems...

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    for a book of stories at least partially about faith and or religion, i did not feel much fervor here there was some passion for life, but most of it felt rather muted a few stories were interesting the connected series at the end being the most compelling but others felt so dull i couldn t finish them the one area where i do feel this author shines is on the interior observation, perception of others but it fe...

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    Go back to the place where a decision was made, that lighthouse in your nostalgia The time you zagged instead of zigged Head southwest instead of northwest Follow the circumference of your existence away from the state you know, into Louisiana, or Mississippi, or Florida, to a strip of white...

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    Oh, wow I read this in two days because once I started, I had to ignore other things I had going on so I could finish Just because I blew through the book, though, doesn t mean that the collection is light r...

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    This book is fabulous and I highly recommend it

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    An absolutely fantastic short story collection Understated, subtle, beautiful.

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    I am unsure of how I feel about this book David Mcglynn is a professor at my school, and was kind enough to come talk to our class He made me realize that the characters in the book are supposed to be somewhat disliked If I hadn t known that, I probably would have hated this book desperately Most of the characters are either fairly hypocritical, or completely oblivious to the needs of other people I did like this book, and was left with an odd feeling that I might not have unde...

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    I used to swim with David McGlynn and knew that he was a writer, but had never taken the time to read any of his writings This is a collection of short stories that contain the central theme of religion non denominational, in most cases I really didn t connect to many of the characters The second half of the book focuses on one family and while I liked that part better, I still wasn t a fan McGlynn just came...

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    Easily the best story collection I ve read in the last ten years McGlynn writes with clarity of vision and a true love for his characters His work reminds me of Andre Dubus, Alice Monroe, Chekhov, but the territory he claims is completely his own I can t recommend this book enough.

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    This is a finely crafted collection of stories Part II, especially five linked stories , is stunning See my full review at

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