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The Definitive Betty Boop Vol. 1 Long Before Marilyn, And Madonna, Betty Boop Boop A Dooped And Wriggled Her Way Into Hearts Worldwide With Her Unique Mix Of Wide Eyed Innocence And Powerful Cartoon Sensuality This Collection Lovely Restores The Betty Boop Comic Strips Back To Their Original Glory, In Betty S Original Sunday Adventures As They Appeared In The Funny Pages Of Daily Newspapers In The 1930 S, Capturing All The Cheeky Fun Embodied By The Character.

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    Definitive, it may be, but interesting Not so much As the title implies, this is a collection of all of the Betty Boop comic strips, or at least all that appeared prior to the 80 s strip that combined her with Felix, the Cat so much for definitive None of the strips there were several ever caught on in a big way These are all from the 30 s or thereabouts And, while competently done, they re very, very average There are comic strips from this era that stand the test of time, and still make for compelling reading today Betty is, alas, not one of those strips This book is interesting from a historical curiosity standpoint, but that s about it Betty is a cultural icon for her cartoons, but not her comics Some of the gags were tired even back in the 30 s, and gags are reused with alarming frequency Some of the strips show a heavier level of artistic detail than others, but this is probably a cons...

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    3.5 Stars Given the golden age of comic reprints we live in, it was inevitable that lesser material would eventually become as widely available as even some of the obscure masterpieces of the art form which is what we re dealing with here Begun at the peak of the popularity of the cartoon series, not long before Hollywood censors began to really take its toll, the strip here collected is a satisfactory take on the look of the Fleischer cartoons performed by highly competent workers, but the gag strip isn t the best way to experience Betty Boop as a cultural figure, though it s a competent example of the form in the 1930s However, it also has a fair amount of racial stereotypes from the era throughout, gag repetition, and a banality that closely resembles the end of the 30s cartoon series rather than the prime early period Also included are the complete runs of two related Sunday strips from immediately before the beginning of the Betty Boop strips Out of the Inkwrll, which, bluntly, is shamefully dull compared to the highly enjoyable cartoons...

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    Dated but still very funny Betty is a sassy, sexy protagonist who somehow manages to outsmart her producer every which way Dont trust those innocent eyes

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