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Bringing Up Money Smart Kids Download Bringing Up Money Smart Kids Author Adam Khoo Ivogue.co.uk The Ultimate Parent S Guide To Raising Financially Smart Toddlers To Teenagers.Our Children Today Have Money Than In All Of History They Face Pressure To Spend And To Keep Up With Their Friends The Challenge For Parents Is To Teach Restraint And Responsibility When Our Society May Not Put Much Stock On Such Values This Book Teaches Parents What To Tell Their Children About Money And How To Tell Them.The Authors Share Their Challenges And Successes In Plain Common Sense Language Good Money Habits Are Put Forth In An Easy To Follow Manner The Chapters Are Full Of Practical Advice And Humour, And You Learn To Answer Difficult Questions Posed By Your Children.

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    I don t have kids I should start planning according to this book, because raising a child sounds like its going to be expensive.

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    Short easy read but I don t plan to make my children pay for their own lunches or snacks, especially in elementary school.

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    Good advice but needs to be taken with a grain of salt You must adapt the concept for your culture, society and family.

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    It is a simple and comprehensive book for parents It cover a lot of author knowledge and experience Author offer a lot of good pointers Due to a short book, reader will require to do research from the pointers.

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