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Faire Protector Max S Soul Has Become A Virtual Slave To The Magical Renaissance Faire, And He Can T Leave The Grounds He S Very, Very Attracted To The Faire S Brewmaster, But Shepherd Wants Nothing To Do With Him Shepherd Thinks Max Is The Reason His Cousin Got Back Into Drugs, And Max Has A Bad History Dealing, A Prison Term, And Last But Not Least, A Little Four Year Stint As The Personal Assassin Of A Drug Kingpin For Once, Max Didn T Do It, But Shepherd Isn T About To Believe Him When Max S Old Boss Becomes A Threat, The Faire That Had Been His Prison Becomes His Protection Max Hides Out At The Brewery As He Deals With Shepherd S Bad Attitude, The Physical And Mental Side Effects Of Having His Soul Imprisoned, And Guilt Over The People He S Killed, He Finds Himself Falling For The Sexiest Man To Ever Hate Him But The Only Way He Can Keep Shepherd Is If He Can Find Some Sort Of Magical Redemption For His Past.

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    Words of wisdom battle scars finding hope watching stars warm embraces sweat and tears A beating heart conquers fears Look how much that I have grown I m not afraid I m not alone Sierra CollinsMax, from Faire Protector by Madeline Allen, is in a very precarious position He s separated from his soul which is encased in an amulet worn by Jorvik, the Faire s mage This is done to protect the Faire and his foster brother, Devin, from his role as assassin for a drug lord It s been almost a year since Max was bound and the closer his release comes, the apprehension he feels Max deeply regrets his past, but doesn t expect to be forgiven Further complicating matters, his boss is still looking for him in order to murder him for failing in his mission to hunt down and kill Devin Whether Max has paid his penance and deserves absolution is up to the Faire to decide.Max knows that being bound to the Faire is changing him, but isn t sure whether it s permanent He lives in fear of going back to the way he was beforehand He s ashamed of his past and he never wants to ...

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    It says something about a book when I had a serious problem with one aspect of it and yet I loved it so much anyway, I m putting it on my M M favorites shelf Basically there was a great plot, lots of action, melodrama, angst, and OMG he s gonna die moments including one of the best omg he s gonna die OMGHGD scenes ever complete with a hospital scene and a bedside vigil Wonderful With one exception, the characters were likeable and interesting, and varied although far of this was shown with these characters in the first book I particularly liked that one of the MCs never warmed up to one character everyone else loved because the man did something to him in the past he couldn t forgive The one exception which is the major problem I have with the book is that for the first quarter to one third of the book, one of the MCs, Shepard, is a complete ass and an idiot He s not just mean, he s cruel such as making Max use cold water in a bucket to wash off He blames him for cousin s slide back down even t...

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    3.5 5 Hearts stars Max brought evil, hatred and danger to the Faire for which he is being punished by losing his soul Locked away in an amulet worn around the neck of the Fae Joryk, his soul remains there until his penance is served What Max nor the Fae realize is that there is a thread binding his soul to him and Joryk, forcing him to obey even the most miniscule of requests Further, it s unclear if Max will even survive once the amulet is destroyed His soul should revert back to his body, but that scenario is looking less likely with each passing day.Max was not a nice person in the human world, his reputation precedes him, and makes it difficult for his attraction to the sexy brewmaster, Shepard, to actually go anywhere Shepard doesn t trust the human, can t stand the sight of him, and is livid when Joryk sends Max to work for helping with the brews Watching Max every day, listening to him and seeing firsthand how much Max wants to change makes it harder to hate him though When the strain of the amulet becomes clearer and ...

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    Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Oh man, words cannot express the love I have for this series While I thought the first book was unique, and I loved the concept, this second book has now replaced the first as my favorite so far Max is a great character he s done horrible things in his past, and he makes no excuses for it, but he has been trying in his own way to be a better person Max is, in a nutshell, tortured throughout the story, in many different ways, and there were times where I just hurt for him so badly that I couldn t read fast enough to get to his happy ending I stayed up later than I should ve just to finish this because I couldn t leave the story without knowing how it all worked out Shepherd and Max s relationship gets off to a bad start right away and I mean, really bad In Max s defense, however, it wasn t actually his fault Despite the overwhelming hostility and crappy circumstances he finds himself in, Max is still determined to do his best and prove Shepherd wrong about him Through worsening issues surrounding the events of the previous story, and an unforeseen complication involving his imprisonment, Max still manages to persevere and shows just how strong an individual he really is The way he and Shepherd eventually come together was a little bit of a surprise but the turn the relationship takes later was completely un...

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    This one was heavier than the first, which wasn t a surprise given Max s circumstances and the soulstone and all But even given that, this was still wonderfully fun to read.We get to know about the Faire and several of its residents, which was wonderful.And the lovely antagonism at the start of Max s and Shepherd s relationship was some of the best I ve read Delightful Some Favorite Quotes You re ...

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    Faire Protector is thrilling and sexy Madeleine Ribbon really understands how to write a good romance novel The plot is tight and keeps you wanting to turn the page and the sex scenes are hot This was a great sequel to Faire Fugitive.

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    I love book one, and I love book two I m looking forward to book 3, 4, 5, 6,..

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