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Multiplex (Book 2) Read Multiplex Book 2 Author Gordon McAlpin Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk They Re Baaaack Surly Film Snob Jason, His Horror Buff BFF Kurt, And The Rest Of The Staff Of The Multiplex 10 Cinemas Return In Multiplex S Second Print Collection Of Multiplex In This Volume, We Meet The Multiplex 10 S Archnemeses, The Staff Of Flickhead Video, And Jason Devi S Relationship Hits The Rocks.Multiplex There And Back Again Collects Chapters 6 10 Strips 103 216 From The Archives , Plus Over 20 Bonus Comics

[Ebook] ➯ Multiplex (Book 2)  ➮ Gordon McAlpin – Snapchatlogin.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Multiplex (Book 2)
  • Gordon McAlpin
  • English
  • 10 January 2018
  • 9781938562013

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    It s interesting to watch the strip develop I can see improvements in the art, the narrative, the character development, and other areas over vol.1 And I continue to appreciate McAlpin s commentary.

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    My copy of this arrived yesterday, complete with my requested sketch of Norma who, hilariously, doesn t appear in this book I think I should have gone with my first thought and asked for Gretchen after all I read it all in one day and it was so much fun to revisit all the older strips, as well as read the bonus material and Gordon s commentary.I think perhaps my favourite thing is Gordon s comments about the process of putting together the book and how he began to actually write the strips in order for them to fit nicely in a book And how he added most of the bonus strips in order to flesh out characters and relationships a bit , rather than just putting them in as bonus material Being a writer, I m really interested in the process of crafting a narrative and it s always fascinating to hear about it from a different medi...

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    This is one of two webcomics I read and by far, my favorite Oddly enough, I much prefer my webcomics in a physical Probably because I hate clicking on lists Anyhow, it s great to read it again and it s still an excellent read on not only the goings on in a movie theater but the young people who work there That said, as much as I enjoyed this book, there were a few flaws with it.There and Back Again focuses entirely too much on Jason I say that with Jason being my favorite character But one of the things that makes Multiplex great is that it s an ensemble cast That cast disappears for a huge chunk of the book and focuses on Jason and his love life Speaking of which, why do the girls like him so much He s as critical and sarcastic a...

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